Friday, November 28, 2008

The Day After!

Yesterday was an easy one for me. As I had no company! We went to the Country Club for a Thanksgiving smorgasbord. It was great except no leftovers for dinner tonight. I missed the smell of the turkey cooking too.
Since I didn't have to cook I was able to spend the day, when I was home, tatting. As my daughter is having a difficult time with her 18 year old son and was depressed yesterday I decided to tat her this pink cross. Now I need to block it and get in in the mail. I am sure she will like it and the colors are great. I used Cotton Perle again and I was happier with the way this one turned out. I am still not sure how well I like Cotton Perle but I have more of it to use. I was given several balls from my MIL when she decided to stop tatting.

The pattern is Gina Butler's Basic Ring-chain Cross Bookmark. I. by mistake added an additional ring on the bottom and I finished it with the tassel instead of the spiral chain. The most difficult part of this patter for me was the center getting those corner rings to fit and lay nice. I may make another one to see if I can improve on my tension.

It has been snowing on and off here all day so another good day to work on crafts. I started to make a doll for one of my great nieces for Christmas but have not finished it yet. I only need to stuff it and sew up the edges. It is just a simple thing and won't take much time to finish. Then I will get back to some tatting again

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Unknown said...

Hi! Your pink cross is lovely. I'm sure you daughter will appreciate it as it is a sweet gesture of comfort and love.
Thank you for joining my "followers" list! Hope you visit often. I need to post something new before the weekend is over! :)