Saturday, December 27, 2008

Black and White Edging

Here it is, my black and white edging. It isn't big enough for a hanky and I am waiting for the velvet to arrive that it is going to be attached to. The only color I am sure I am getting is red as my BF purchased it and mailed it to me.

It has been very foggy here all day, I think in the east they might call it "pea soup" fog. I can almost see the woods out behind my house. I did have to go out in it but was only going about five miles and then it was right back home. The temp has risen to almost 50 here and the snow is melting. Plus it is raining so we have lots of water pooling. The golf cart barn, just a mile down the road, roof collapsed Christmas Eve. I had about four inches of ice at the edge of my roof. So I have lots of dripping going on too.

I almost have a baby bootie finished. It is my test to see the size, a good thing to as I have made plenty of mistakes. But then I look at it as a learning lesson. I order a book, Christening Set, from Hany Hands. So I should have lots of new patterns to work with.

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Unknown said...

That is a lovely edging. Thanks for your sweet comment about my angel! :)