Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kyra's bracelet

My granddaughter loves bracelets so I decided to make her one. The last I knew her favorite color was "HOT" red and of course I had to make her one in red. Her mom did tell me the wider the better and the next one will have to be wider. I am thinking along the lines of a cuff. I have see a couple of patterns but am not sure how well I like them. I didn't think of addind beads until after I had finished the first JK. Since my GD is only 11 I didn't want to go overboard on the first attempt.

I have been making little butterflies with the ends of the threads on my shuttles so I can work on new projects. Right now I have four different colors of butterflies and I am looking for a way to string them up to add to the window. Just a little touch of spring and hopefully it will keep the birds from flying into the window. Much prettier than the black electrical tape my dad has on his french door.

It is still cold out but when I consider it is -55 at my daughter's home in Alaska we are having a heat wave here. She was laughing last night when she said there was 100 degrees difference between the inside temp and the outside temp. She heats with wood so that is amazing. However she lives in a log house and the logs are 14 inches in diameter, very good insulation.


Melissa said...

That is super cute!! I am sure Kyra will love it.

Unknown said...

THe basement is nice! Perfect for a preteen girl! That is so sweet of you to make it for her.

Nancy G said...

Love the bracelet. May I ask where you found the pattern? I too have a granddaughter who would love me to make her one.