Friday, January 23, 2009

Clover Drop Heart

Here is a new motif for the 25 Motif Challenge. It is a pattern by Nancy Tracy her Clover Drop Heart. It was fun to make and was a quick pattern. I also did another small heart but it is getting block as I write this post. I am thinking I will add it to the pj's I am making for my DGD.

It has been cold here today and the wind is blowing. Glad I didn't have to go out anywhere. However, I did get a call from my former employer and they are offering us work. I am waiting to see exactly what the offer is before I make a committment. Even at that the drive is going to be an hour and half from home. I can't go overnight as I have to be home to take care of Sadie each day. I don't feel real comfortable with leaving her out all day long. I could be gone as long as 12 hours with the drive and the overtime. It will be hard to say no and the income would be great and I need a new chair in the front room.


Unknown said...

This is lovely! It's such a pretty design and an easy tat! Good work!

Nancy G said...

I know your DGD will love this little special!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

What a beautiful heart!