Sunday, January 4, 2009

My first 25 Motif Challenge Piece

Here it is my first challenge piece for the 25 Motif Challenge. It is a bookmark made using the center ring from Jon's snowflake. I made it for my sister who is coming home the end of the month. She lives in Nebraska and will inherit the property my home is setting on. But we have a deal and I can stay here as long as I want to. Which had better be a very long time considering what it cost me to locate my double wide here. She reads a lot, way more than I do. I have to many other projects to work on and can't read while working on projects.
I have four sisters and one brother all younger than me. This one is three years younger and she spent 20 years in the Navy. We all agree that she should have been the son in the family. She is such a tomboy. When we were growing up she always wanted to grow up to be a "pig". She collects them now and I hope to be able to tat one for her. She also does a lot of sewing and makes all kinds of fun neat things. Then she tells me and I have to try them. Last year is was 6' lizards made out of fleece. I made three of them. I have one more to make for a little guy I sort of adopted. He was two years old in November so I think I have time to make his lizard.
I am still working on the baby booties but needed a change for the day. Tomorrow I will work on them. I have until August to complete them so there is no really big hurry on that.

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Unknown said...

That's nice that you do not have to move your double-wide. Your bookmark is nice. Isn't it funny what little kids think when they are growing up? Pigs are actually thought to be very intelligent and little pot-bellies make great housepets they say.

I just stopped by to say thank you for the very nice comment you left on my blog today! :)