Saturday, May 2, 2009


I finished these two bookmarks from Jane Eborall's friend Jane. I love doing these. They are very easy and quick. I think I may make some more.

Well I purchased a truck the other day, not a new one, but it has everything I wanted on it. A good thing too, as the first thing I did with it was to get it stuck in the yard. I didn't realize my yard was so wet. I had purchased some dirt and a tree for the yard and drove down to where I wanted the tree and then I couldn't get back out. My tires just spun in the wet grass and mud. The one thing I really wanted on the truck was four wheel drive. Good thing, I put it in four wheel and drove it right out. What a difference that made. I hope it works as well on the snow next winter.

Just finished planting my new Red Maple Tree. I like it so will I think I will get a second one to plant. I missed having trees in my yard where I lived before so I am going to make up for it now by planting some new ones as often as I can.


Unknown said...

Your work is so pretty and neat! Everything looks so perfect. I really like it!

Unknown said...

Nice work on the bookmarks!