Sunday, November 13, 2011

I am teaching tatting!

So, I am teaching a hands on tatting class in Tawas, Michigan.  Last Tuesday was the first class and I had two students show up.  I had a lot of samples to show them and we discussed some of the differences in how patterns are written.  Then we got into the nitty gritty business of tatting.  Both ladies could make the double stitch at least once but were not able to repeat it a second time.  I hope they were able to get it to work when they went home and were able to relax a little bit.  They were having trouble getting the stitch to flip and I was not sure how to address the flipping of the stitch because it is so natural to me.  I never even thought about it when I learned so I may have to do something different Tuesday if they still are not getting the flip.

My sister is home from Nebraska and we have been having a great time.  She has been spending a lot of time at my house this year more so than she has done in the past.  So we have been doing come sewing and getting some things done in my house.  Hopefully we can get some more of the my sewing room cleaned up and organized.  It is difficult to find anything in there as I haven't done to much since I moved in three years ago.  Just made room to get to my machines.  I have material, tatting thread and yarn that needs to be stored and organized.

Last week we celebrated my dad's 82 birthday.  All five of us girls were here for the party.  It has been a few years since we were all here at the same time.  The only one missing was my brother and he thinks he needs an engraved invitation, which isn't going to happen!  He needs to grow up and be a son to my father.  It might be to late for him to do that, after all he is 54 years old now!


Maureen said...

when I learned to tat, I couldn't make the stitch flip either - until someone showed me VERY slowly, by holding the thread completely upright, instead of at an angle.
If you keep the working thread short, and hold it straight up, you can actually watch the flip - the turning - taking place right in front of you!
Try showing your students with different coloured thick thread - it might help them to understand what happens.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

It's wonderful that you are teaching tatting! You are passing along the legacy of this wonderful craft!

It took me 33 years (1956-1989), to finally see someone tatting at a craft fair, and she kindly showed me the basics of the knot. When I started to demonstrate at craft events with our group in 1990, I realized that by tying two different color threads together (and thicker threads than usual), and starting with the chain rather than a ring, I could much more easily show visitors that it was the left-hand thread that was actually controlling the formation of the knot! Also, on a chain you can practice the knot over and over until it flips properly. Then when you do the ring, you understand better how the flip works!

Also, as a crocheter, I find that having the left forefinger control the thread (rather than the middle finger) is more comfortable for me; but that's a matter of choice.

Good luck with your classes!

Marilee Rockley said...

Variegated thread also helps, because even when tatting a ring the differing colors show when making the flip happen.

Something beginners tend to do is pull the shuttle toward themselves, which doesn't help the flip. Pulling the shuttle straight out to the right gets the core thread straight and helps the flip to happen.

Congratulations and hope you and your students have fun learning!

Unknown said...

Tatting is interesting to teach. Some people "get it" with no problem and others have lots of problems getting it. One time, I had 8 people in a class--I will Never do that again! I think 4 is really the limit for a class. I teach it for 2 hours--after that, their brain is fried. Hope you have fun teaching in the future.

CM said...

I just got here from googling "teaching tatting" but your location popped out at me... Did you know Carol MuMaugh? She lived in E. Tawas and was a tatter.

Unknown said...

I just started tatting in Hale Michigan and was wondering where you get your supplies and if there is a tatting group in the area?

KBowman123 said...

I know I'm late to this but use red and green thread and tat a chain green is go red it didn't flip and stop