Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ringtrim, at last!!

After a few false starts, and rings that would close properly and using the wrong thread for the two color split rings I finally have a gorgeous Ringtrim of my own. I am so excited to have mastered the SSSR and made this little guy. He is just right. First he has to be added to the 25 Motif Challenge, as he sure was a challenge for me to make. Then to decide where he might fly off to. I wonder.......
After I finished Ringtrim I made two loaves of bread can you just smell my house. The warm yeast bread scent if wafting through, doesn't it make your mouth water. I may have to go cut a piece and cover it with butter and peanut butter. No jelly to drip onto my hands though. It is for my dad when he comes by with the hay bale. Do you think that is a fair trade? Two loaves of fresh bread for a bale of hay!
Miss Piggy and family are on the way. I haven't heard a word from them yet but assume everything is on track and going well. I am sure she would call if they ran into any problems. I hope her grand daughter is not to fussy. Bella is just a year old and it is a long drive to GGpa's house all the way from NE.

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Gina said...

Your ringtrim is perfect! And I can smell that bread all the way here! Yummy!