Friday, January 30, 2009

Yellow Heart Number 11 in 25 Motif Challenge

Just so you know I haven't been idle all week. I finished this Tir-Heart by Susan B. Taliaferro. It is made with size 30 Omega thread and I think the variegated colors worked out wonderfully.

Miss Piggy has gone to her new owner, who was thrilled with her and can hardly wait to get home to add her to a shirt or something. It has been a busy week so far with my sister and her family. Yesterday we tried to go to the casino, but the line to get in was too long for the cold. Beside we had dad and Martha with us and it was just way to cold for them to stand outside for 30 minutes or more. So that trip was a bust. We came home dropped off the old folks and went to local watering hole for a couple of hours. What fun! It was karaoke night and what a hoot listening to those guys try to sing. Today it has been baking, baking, baking. Bread, cinnamon rolls and pizza dough. I am actually making bread bowels for SuperBowl Sunday. We are going to fill them with chili. Should be good.

Tomorrow three more sisters will be showing up for a family get together. I am not sure who all from their families will come along. Dad's front room could become very crowded. We may have to heat the garage for the party. Which is what we normally do except last summer we tore out the chimney for the wood stove and will have to use heaters this year. Because my family is so big we almost always have family party's in the garage. I am only one of six and each of us had at least two children. Now the grandchildren are having kids and you know how that can go. My dad says he is going to stop giving out Christmas presents because there are to many of us. He and mom should have considered that a long time ago!!

Oh, yes, I finally bit the bullet and purchased a Wii game. It is a blast. We are going to start a bowling league should be lots of fun. It is, however, our underhanded way of getting Dad and Martha to get in some exercise while it is too cold to go outside. I have mine hooked up but have not programmed the TV yet so I haven't been able to get going at home. I am hoping my nephew will come over and do that part this afternoon.


Unknown said...

This yellow heart is very sweet! I like how bright and cheery it is.

Needledreams said...

Lovely heart. I will have to try that one too.

I have heard a lot about Wii. That's on my list of things I want to buy but the price is still a little to high for me. Have fun!

Angela said...

Thanks for you comments. Yes, the Wii is still a little pricey but I think I will enjoy it a lot. I did get an extra game just for fun to go along with the sport pack that comes with it.