Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A "new" edging

Here is a motif I tried to follow from one of the antique patterns. It was not easy and I did make some changes, now that I am looking at the picture again. It seemed that the clovers in the center of the motif were not given in the directions. Then in the picture the clovers do not have all the picots that I added to this one. It is suppose to be an edging but I am wondering exactly how it would be attached to something. I do like the extra picots and in a smaller thread it would appear very lacey, I think. I used size 10 cebelia this time.

My sister and her family left this morning about 7:30, at least that was the plan. I know she was not really wanting to go back to Nebraska. It is hard to leave sometimes when this is the place that "feels" like home. It was interesting to us that it did feel that way. We never lived here when we were growing up and my mother never lived here either. Dad didn't move here until he was in his sixties. The property has been in our family for 100 years and we did spend summers here as kids. But when we came home to take care of grandma we discovered it "felt" like home. Even my daughters feel that way about this property. Strange how a place you never lived in can become home.

I am going back to work next week for a few months. I worked in unemployment and the office needs some help so they offered me a short term contract. Now that my sister has gone I will take them up on it. At least for a while. I will be driving 80 miles and I am not sure how long I want to do that.


Unknown said...

Aren't the patterns from vintage patterns work up into beautiful tatted goodies? They sure are a pain in the butt to decipher, though, aren't they? Not impossible, just difficult! You did a beautiful job!

Angela said...

Thanks, Chic. You are right they are a real pain to decipher and you never know when you will change the pattern. But I do like trying to work them out. This one was a lot of checking the picture.

Gina said...

Looks like a beautiful butterfly to me! However you interpreted it, it turned out perfect!

Angela said...

Thanks, for your comment Gina.