Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Not much Tatting.

I get home to late and get up to early to get much tatting done during the week. An hour and half on the road each way takes a lot of time no matter how much I am enjoying the new schedule. This morning I got up and the weather was bad, slippery roads so I decided to wait an hour before leaving. Then when I was ready to lock the door, went out with my coat and purse, closed the door and guess what?...... No KEYS. Couldn't get back in the house. I thought the other door might be unlocked, but no! I ended up walking in the snow over to dads. Fortunately he is less than 1/2 mile away. But the bad thing was, I woke them up to get into the house. Nothing doing but dad had to get dress and bring me back home. I didn't mind the walk over and the exercise was good for me. But or no he had to drive me home. At least that way I was able to give him back my house key so the next time I lock myself out I can get rescued. The key I had hidden hear had been used earlier this winter and not replaced. I manage to lock myself out of the house on average two to three times a year. You would think I would learn. One time I had to walk six miles to get an extra key. I didn't have my cell phone so could call for help then. Oh well, it was good exercise anyhow.

The only tatting I did was this little paperclip heart. I am happier with this one than the first one I did. They are homework for The Online Tatting Class. The other one I did was a little different and I was not happy with it at all, even though I turned it in for homework.

Sadie is spending a lot of time out of doors. I think she is guarding the yard. She will bark and bark and I don't see a thing. Soon the deer will just stand outside her area and laugh at her as she can't get to them. She just sits in the snow and watches. You would think her butt would get cold in the snow but so far it doesn't seem to bother her.


Unknown said...

Thank heavens you have someone trusted to have your spare keys so close!

Your paperclip hearts project turned out cute. :)

Marilee Rockley said...

LOL, I have locked myself out of the house, too.
Your paper clip is really cute!

Sharon said...

Get an extra key or several extra keys made and leave one in each purse as well as one hidden outside the house.

Angela said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I do have keys all over the neighborhood. But more would be better. The key that is suppose to be in my shed is currently in Arizonia. My Aunt has one and he is about as close as my dad. But I am going to get a new one for the shed.