Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh, the trauma of it all!

My week did not go very well last week. Not only did I lock myself out, my car is now in the shop! It appears I need to have a new wheel bearing. Good thing I have my taxes back! It seems just when you get them back you have a big expense to take care of. And I wanted to get some more tatting supplies and a new shuttle. Well, I am going to get them anyhow!

From there I lost the tatting project I was working on. I can't find it anywhere and it was almost a full ball of yellow thread. I really like the thread as yellow to me is just such a happy, sunny color. I have looked for it all weekend. I am afraid I may have thrown it away by mistake along with the shuttle. Good thing I have more than one shuttle. But, I sure did like the color of the thread. I will have to order some more, then maybe I will find the one I lost. A couple of weeks ago I lost my size 14 crochet hook that I use to connect picots. I purchased a new one and then I found the one I lost. I sure hope I am not getting Alzheimer's. If so please put me out of my misery!!!!

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tattrldy said...

I do that, too, lose something and when I finally quit looking for it, it shows up. Hope you find your project. And that things start going better!