Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Seahorse

I decided to take a break from baby booties. I have three pair done and am working on the fourth paid with two more to go. I added another pair by request. So I have done two lime green pair and a pair made from Lizbeth color Jewels. I have another green pair to do and then I am doing mocha and cream for my new baby.
Not a traditional color for a seahorse, but who said tradition was all you could do. This one was done with Lizbeth Color 123 Grape med., plum lite, plum dark and lighter shades between colors. It was actually the second one I did the first didn't turn out at all. I thought I followed the directions exactly but my seahorse looked very sick. So this time I follow the diagram and it did turn out better. The pattern is one of Debbie Arnold's. I might do this one again. It was fun and a nice break from baby booties. I am going to count this as 19 in the 25 Motif Challenge. I might get them all end before the end of the year.
Now it is back to listening to the pressure cooker as bean soup is cooking for this winter. I discovered a pressure cooker is great for dividing up meals and canning them. Making single servings is difficult and this way I can have some later without all the fuss. Besides who can make bean soup for just one person!


Fox said...
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Fox said...

Love the seahorse! That would be cute on a child's t-shirt..... maybe I will make one for The Boss!

Be careful with that pressure cooker! Maybe they are made in a different way, but when I had one years ago, the little weight on the top blew off and put a hoe in the kitchen ceiling! Scary!
: ) Fox

Angela said...

This is the first I have used a pressure cooker and I call my sister frequently for questions. She told me to stay in the kitchen and listen carefully the whole time it is cooking. So I stay close and keep my ear on the sounds.

Fox said...

Good! : )) LOL!!

Ladytats said...

very nice seahorse and your booties look very good too.
you picked pretty colors.
presssure canners can be a bit scary but have used one to can a lot of vegies and sauces. works great.

Stephanie said...

Pretty seahorse! I, too, had a problem the first time I made that one. The second time I made it I just followed the diagram. Much easier and much prettier. Have fun with the pressure cooker. I'm afraid of those things!

Unknown said...

Such pretty colors!

I really want to get a pressure cooker. I've read that the dangers of them exploding are a thing of the past. It was mostly the American made ones that did ALL pressure cookers are made with safety mechanisms that prevent that from happening.

Marilla Wex said...

Wow - Angie - it's really beautiful. I've knitted seahorses and beaded seahorses, but I had no idea how to tat them? Thanks so much for sharing this - I am putting a link on my seahorse website to this page.