Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dhamana Bookmark

After finishing my 7th pair of baby booties I was looking for something else to work on before I start another big project. On InTatter, Kersti posted the October Challenge. To tat something with some thread you had lurking around in your stash that maybe you didn't care for the first time, or you didn't like after you brought it home. I had some Coton Perle 8 that I purchased some time ago and didn't care for. (And still don't care for!) So, I looked up a bookmark pattern that I wanted to try and here it is! Since it was a challenge piece I think I will count it as number 20 in my 25 Motif Challenge. I only have 5 more to go and only three months left this year. I better get busy.
Next I hope to make the Stork by Jane Eborall. I hope to make a plethora of them for announcement cards for my daughters baby in January. I hope I have bitten off to much with this project. At least I have time to make them before the baby gets here. I think they will make adorable cards. Oh, yes, three of our babies have arrived. Joshua Lewis was born 9-12. Annaleigh Barbara, 9-25 and Sawyer Jean 9-28. Only 4 more to go! Along with the tatting I have been sewing up a storm for all of the babies. Fleece sleeper and flannel kimonos. So many babies, so many sleepers!
Today, was my last day at work, I am official retired, again! It is a good thing too as I am going to Alaska October 22 for three weeks. So far I have a baby shower and a costume Halloween Party to attend. I don't think I have every been to a costume party, or at least not since I was in grade school.
I had better close have lots and lots to get done!

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Jane Eborall said...

If you have trouble with the stork - shout!!!! I'll try and help you if I can!!!