Sunday, November 15, 2009

Going Home

My time here in Alaska is almost over. I will be going home tomorrow, we are leaving her about 2:30 tomorrow afternoon. I don't fly out until 10:15 tomorrow night and I won't actually get home until after 9:00 pm Tuesday. A long trip but really only about 15 hours of flight time. It has been snowing here and it suppose to continue and my daughter does not want to have to drive home on slippery roads after she drops me at the airport about 6:00 pm. I really don't blame her as it will be dark as she drives the 80 miles home.

It has been an interesting trip, my grandson decided to go home to North Carolina while I was here and that was a fast trip. He did have a return trip ticket so it only cost us $100 to change it. We were able to get him on a plane the day he decided he wanted to go home. I think he was homesick for his family and friends. He had been here about five months and it is pretty isolated out here. No one, but my daughter and the dogs to keep him company. He was working, cutting, stacking and hauling firewood at $10.00 an hour. Not bad for a kid just out of high school. The only problem was the guy he was working for just didn't keep him busy enough.

I didn't get much tatting completed while here. I finished a bookmark and started a second one. I did find my stork pieces and did work on them a little bit, but did not complete one. I do have a headless one and I did get a new crochet hook so I could do some joins and some beads for the eyes so I can finish one when I get home. I also had to order some more thread for the baby body and the blanket as I didn't bring any with me. But it looks like I won't finish one until I get home now. Good thing I still have time to make my cards. Baby isn't due until the end on January.

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