Saturday, October 31, 2009

Baby Shower

It is a cold crisp day in the interior of Alaska. I believe I saw the thermometer at -13 this morning. But it is toasty warm in the house. The picture is a view from the front of my daughter's home.

Today is my daughter's baby shower. People should be arriving in about an hour or so. I think she is only expecting about 8 people but she has already started to receive gifts in the mail. It should be fun and I get to meet some more of her friends. My grandson is going to Healy to watch a volleyball game. He didn't think he wanted to hang out with a bunch of women playing games and talking about babies. He has been getting quite the education with this baby much more than a 19 year old really wants to know!

I finished my bookmark and now have those two shuttles empty so I can fill them up with the colors for the stork and see if I can finish one before it gets ate. That may be the biggest challenge I face with the storks. I do have about half a ball of thread in white and ecru so I should be able to make a few with that. I will have to be sure to put them up out of reach of the bloodhounds!

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