Sunday, April 25, 2010

What's New......

Nothing in the way of tatting going on at my house. Not even any knitting right now. Some sewing and a lot of weeding. I have five big raised garden beds and four small ones. The weather has been so nice I have been weeding my beds and getting ready to put in a new one. I will bed one for Strawberries and tomatoes. I have planted peas and potatoes so far. The rest are ready to be planted. I am also getting fairly proficient on the tractor. I decided my raised beds were not enough so I have been plowing a spot in the field. This is the first time I have ever operated a big garden tractor. So far it has been fun, except when my dad ran over my toe with the disc. Lucky for me I didn't lose my toe, didn't even turn black and blue! Now I am extra careful about where I put my feet when we are attaching the plows and discs.

I do have some tatting projects lined up, just can't seem to get the shuttles out and working. Must be the weather. Golf season is starting soon and that too will interfere with everything. We have our first meeting Tuesday and our first day of gold will be May 5.

In June, I think, we will be going to Colorado for about 15 days. My sister has some acreage in the mountains and plans a camping trip about every other year. So no reunion this year camping instead.

The new Alaskan baby has arrived! A fine baby boy on February 4th. He weighed in at 8lbs 4ozs and was 21 inches long. He is named after his daddy, Ira Kathel Griffin III, being called Kathel.

Have, you all heard of the "nook" from Barnes and Noble? It is the newest eReader on the market and I have one and I love it. I am reading much more than I was (Hummm, maybe that is why I am not getting any tatting done!) and I think I am reading faster. The newest update gave us a web browser! I like the nook better than the Kindle from Amazon and I think the fact they can push updates out is great. My new electronic gadget has not gone out of date yet as I get all the new software when it is ready. I even joined the nook book club on Facebook.

And I have even been working on some writing projects. One is a summer picnic story and I hope to have something done before June 21 as that is the deadline for that one. The other is my most recent poem. Which I am posting here. I hope you like it.

Heartfelt Pain

My heart cries out in senseless pain
tormented, yearnings of my heart
knowing only that we must part

only seeing the ugly shame
hidden in the shadow of my heart
buried so the pain won't start

why, oh, why, must I play this game?
exposed to nothing but endless pain
always knowing there is no gain

forever hoping it won’t end the same
coming back to face the endless
unforgiving, mindless, sadness

Yet in my sleep I call your name
…this foolish yearning of my heart
please, dear Lord, don't let it start.

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