Friday, October 16, 2009

My body has been found!!

Well at last the stork body that was lost. I am making Jane Eborall's stork and I lost the second body that I did for a week. Too many sewing projects going on the table. It was lost amongst the fabric pieces. I will give this stork a head eventually. I decided that size 20 thread was just going to make a stork to big for the cards. I ordered some size 40 from Handy Hands and now have anew one stated. So far I have not had any difficulty with Jane's pattern, not that I expected to she is such a wonderful designer. I am excited to see the small one progress but don't know if I will have it completed before I leave Tuesday. But as soon as I have the stork done I will post a picture.

Poor Sadie is still on a tether. Her wireless fence has malfunctioned and I have had to order a new transformer and a then a new collar and now a second transformer. She has been tied for two weeks and she does not like it at all. It is funny to watch her try to pull out the stake or chew the cable in two but so far she has not succeeded. I had to tie her down as she was chasing cars on my street and the cars go 70 mph down the road. She could have ended up as one smushed puppy on the road and I didn't want that. The one night she was out there I had four cars that eventually stopped to try to help corral her! At least they understood what a determined little monster she was! But no more, no freedom until I get her fence working again, and we are working on going to the mail box but not going on the road.

Next week it is off to Alaska for three weeks. I haven't stayed that long on any of my trips yet! It is getting cold there and they have had some snow. I don't think it has stayed but who knows what I will find when I get there.

I am still in a sewing frenzy. I have several more projects I want to work on but they are going to have to wait until I return home. I am taking tatting with me to Alaska and Georgia assured me I needed a metal shuttle with my SSN engraved on it just in case!!


Unknown said...

Good luck with your tatting project and hope you don't lose anymore tatting pieces!

Poor Sadie! Hope the fence gets working...I never thought in a million years I'd say that...hope the fence gets working...what the heck is a wireless fence anyway?

Angela said...

Thanks, for stopping by Chic. A wireless fence is sort of like a radio controled car. She wears a 2oz box on her collar that has some sort of sensor. The transformer is plugged into a wall socket and sends out a signal to her collar. When she gets near the outside edge of the transformer (about 80 feet) she gets a beep or a small tingle from the collar thats says STOP! It is great when it works and I miss her having the freedom to run and play in the yard. I don't miss her getting on the street!

Unknown said...

The collar actually has a thing in it that says "Stop"?? That sounds like quite the device! All the wireless things they have come up with are amazing! Thanks for explaining it to me!

I saw your most recent post...have fun in Alaska!