Wednesday, October 28, 2009

From Snowy Alaska

I have been here a week tomorrow now and haven't accomplished much in the way of tatting. My daughter has five dogs, two bloodhounds, two basset and a chocolate lab and guess what.......they decided they wanted to do some tatting while we were gone one day. Chewed up two tatting shuttles and two balls of thread and the stork I was working on. Now that is two storks that have not survived, I am beginning to think I am not suppose to make these cards. I will be home tomorrow, sort of alone, just me and the dogs so maybe I can get one done after I unravel what is left of my thread.

I did bring a bookmark with me so I at least have that to work on. I carried it on the plane along with a small paid of sissors. Not want blip as I came through security. Thank goodness. I hope it goes as well when I go home.

We have about three inches of snow on the ground here and it is dipping into the low twenties at night but othere than that the weather has been great. My grandson was suppose to take his driving test but it was cancelled as they had not plowed or put any gravel on the roads. I don't blame the offices administrating the test I don't think I would want to be on slippery roads with a new driver. Even though I went with him to the post office and he did a very good job. No slipping or sliding at all. He should do great on his test whenever they reschedule it.


IsDihara said...

"The dog(s) ate my homework!" LOL

Seriously though, sorry to hear of your tatting demise. No mention of retribution on the canines, so I must presume you are a benevolent soul. Depending on what project I was working on, I might not have been so generous. And I AM a dog lover.

Enjoy what time remains of your stay in Alaska. I hear it is a breathtakingly beautiful state.

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

ohhh that sounds too cold for right now. I am not ready for winter to come to PA. Hope your keeping toasty warm.

That's too bad about your storks, shuttles and thread. Maybe you will have better luck on your 3rd try!! Happy Tatting!

Fox said...

OMG! Your tatting and canine incisors have such violent encounters! I seem to recall a mangled pair of bootees.....

At least you managed to salvage your bookmark from the melee. Sorry about your poor, departed shuttles!!LOL!